Welcome to Nesa Academy

April 7, 2023 by Samuel Torimiro



A question and answer platform, similar with Stack Overflow, but for economists: built with Python and JavaScript. The Tech Stack is as follows:

1. Django
2. Django REST framework
3. JavaScript
4. BootStrap5
5. Auth0

Here are the basic features.


Nesa Academy authentication was built with Auth0 and it only allows social authentication with a Google account.

Authentication 1
Authentication 1
Authentication 2
Authentication 2
Authentication 3
Authentication 3

Question and Answer

All Questions

You can see all questions as well as filter by date, votes, and views.

Question 1
All questions

You can also follow or unfollow question, if you're not the person that created the question.

Question 2
All questions

You can also edit or delete question you posted.

Question 3
Edit question
Question 4
Delete question

However, since this web app mirrors Stack Overflow, you must therefore have certain level of reputation before you can edit/delete question and perform other actions. Checkout the help center to learn more.

Asking a Question

You can ask a question on Nesa Academy, and based on your reputation it can either be submitted as draft or published immediately.

Question 5
Ask question

A Single Question

Things start getting interesting when you view a single question, as you can see when it was asked, how many times it was viewed, and how many answers it has. You can also share, follow, upvote, and downvote a question. While if there are related questions, it will also be visible here.

Question 6
Individual question

Furthermore, you can answer a particular question just once, as well as upvote, downvote, edit, and delete the answer. You can also accept a particular answer if you deem it to be the most suitable for your particular question: a green check mark will be visible on accepted answers.

Question 7
Answers to a question

Search Question

You can also search for a particular question.

Question 8
Search question


You can see other users on the site, as well as view their profile.

Users 1
Users 2
User details


Before you access your dashboard, at the top right corner you have access to your notification, dashboard and profile. Where you can edit or delete your profile.

Dashboard 1
Drop down menu

See your notifications

Dashboard 2

View your dashboard

Dashboard 3
Dashboard 4
Dashboard 2

Admin Privilegdes

Superuser's has special advanced feature: which are to accept, delete questions.

Dashboard 5
Admin priviledges

As well as to message a particular user.

Dashboard 6
Admin priviledges 2


Finally, you can view articles, add your own articles, like or dislike an article and comment on an article.

Article 1
All articles
Article 2
Individual article
Article 3
Article 3

Mobile Responsiveness

This application is also mobile friendly.

Mobile responsiveness
Mobile responsiveness

Checkout the code on Github.