My Favorite Economics Book This Year

Samuel Torimiro
April 7, 2023   |   visibility 1 view

This year (2021) marks the final year of my economics degree. This year, we took a course titled History of Economic Thought. The purpose of the course was to trace the inception of economic ideas and how they evolved to modern times. In this course, we covered the life of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Keynes, among others.

To further add to my knowledge and prep for my exams, I searched for supplementary materials, primarily books I could study. However, some were too long or bloated for the short time I needed to study the material inside, until!!!

I came across a book titled The Big Three in Economics by Mark Skousen, a very concise and engaging book. It covers in detail the life and ideas of Smith, Marx, and Keynes, among others. This book was so interesting that in a day, coupled with other engagements, I tried to read like 50 pages of somewhat intense study to prepare for the exams. It not only helped me to prepare for my exams but also gave me a solid background in the history of economics. 

In conclusion, check out the book if you want to gain some interesting facts about your discipline (Economics).


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